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We are soliciting short scripts to produce, so email us your script.

Gratco Productions is the brainchild of Grat Crabtree.

His first short film, "The Timefixer", was done with a consumer grade miniDV camera and went to Park City, Utah with the Roadance festival 2004. It is viewable through the 'View Films' link (HIGH BANDWITH)

The success of that film allowed him to obtain a Panasonic DVX 100-a 24P Camera.


"The Timefixer", which can be seen in the 'View Films' link, has won First Place Short Subject in Script Nurse "Mini-Movie" Screenwriting Contest!

A film that he did the special effects for, "Sons of God", has won Best Narrative Feature at the miniDV festival in Hollywood.

We are currently done with the dramatic short named "The Twenty". It was a great shoot and the actors and crew were fabulous. HERE are some production photos.

It is being submitted to festivals.

If you are interested
in participating as
cast or crew, email us.